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Ilkka Sillanpää

Research Scientist, Ph.D.
I am a plasma physicist and a space scientist.
I have worked at the Finnish Meteorological Institute since 2002 in the space weather group.
I worked at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas, as a postdoc and researcher between March 2008 and August 2014.
I was a member of the Cassini / CAPS team.

Expertise: planets, moons and their plasma interactions and magnetic features;
especially Titan, comets, Pluto and icy moons of giant planets
Now I have started working on IMPTAM model for radiation belts in Earth's magnetosphere.

Contact information for FMI:
Finnish Meteorological Institute

Mailing address: P.O. Box 503
Visiting address: Erik Palménin aukio 1
FI-00101 Helsinki
tel. +358-50-408 9024

Curriculum Vitae

Aurinkokunta Nyt -esitys kahden tammikuussa 2015 pitämäni esityksen pohjalta (popular space science presentation slides in Finnish).

List of Publications (copies of some articles)

Latest accepted article: Role of Ion-Neutral Collisions at Titan

Dissertation (permalink: for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in planetary physics.
(public defence was on 28 February 2008, see my lectio praecursoria (original power point file)

Pro gradu thesis (Magna cum laude) for the degree of Master of Science in theoretical physics
at the University of Helsinki, the Department of Physical Sciences, January 2003.

Magnetic field from Titan simulation
Surface encompasses areas of highest magnetic flux. Orbital plane is shown with colors indicating magnetic flux values. Field lines show the draping of the magnetic field around Titan's ionosphere.

Three animations from another Titan simulation (opens new windows):
Ion motion - Flow lines are pale blue, planes show the total ion density.
Magnetic field - Flux density of magnetic field on the planes, field lines as yellow lines. Surface covers areas of very weak field.
Methane ions - Methane ions CH4+ escaping from Titan. Density on the planes, flow lines as pale blue lines.


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Created: August 22nd, 2007.

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