Heliosphere Impact on Geospace

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"Heliosphere Impact on Geospace" is one of the core projects of the fourth International Polar Year programme which will take place during March 2007 - March 2009. The project (IPY ID# 63) will be run by a federation of 29 international research groups from which the ICESTAR and IHY communities will carry the management responsibilities and will serve as the contact point towards the IPY Project Office.

The scientific work conducted during the "Heliosphere Impact on Geospace" project has three main themes:
  • Coupling processes between the different atmospheric layers and their connection with solar activity
    • Effects of solar energetic particles in mid-atmospheric chemistry
    • Global geoelectric circuit
    • Planetary and waves in the coupled mesophere-thermosphere-ionosphere system
  • Energy and mass exchange between the ionosphere and the magnetosphere
    • Solar-Terrestrial plasma physics, space weather, substorms
    • Ionospheric tomography and scintillation
    • Remote sensing of radiaton belt dynamics
  • Inter-hemispheric similarities and asymmetries in geospace phenomena