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06.08.2014 Rosetta arrives at the comet and starts its flight around it at about 100 km distance. ESA media event at ESOC/Darmstadt.

31.07.2014 NASA published the instrument selection for the 2020 Rover scheduled for launch in 2020. The "Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer" (MEDA)

As on NASA's Curiosity rover's REMS environment package, currently measuring in the Gale crater on Mars, FMI will provide the pressure and humidity sensors.
Mission timeline: Launch July/August 2020, arrival Jan/March 2021, landing as the Curiosity rover with a sky crane. Nominal mission duration 669 days (1 Martian year) with direct communication capability.

07.07.2014 Rosetta's camera OSIRIS records a comet image sequence from 20 000 km distance confirming a 12.4 hours rotation period and showing a complex shape which could indicate a binary comet.

16.04.2014 All FMI contributions to the Rosetta orbiter and Lander were successfully comissioned and work as expected.

04.04.2014 at 00:02 Finnish Local time the EU environment monitoring satellite Sentinel-1 as first space element of the Copernicus program was launched by ESA from Kourou.

21.01.2014 First telemetry packets received from Rosetta indicate that the critical system functions of orbiter and Lander Philae are nominal and as expected.

20.01.2014 ESA's comet chaser Rosetta left its more than 2.5 years hibernation close to Jupiter's orbit at 12:00 Finnish time and got into contact with Earth at 20:17.

18.11.2013 NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) satellite launched successfully from Cape Canaveral, California, at 23:37 Finnish time. It is scheduled to arrive at Mars on September 22, 2014. For details see the NASA web page.

11.11.2013 ESA's GOCE- satellite re-entered the Earth atmosphere around 02:00 Finnish time above the South Atlantic. About 25 % of the 1100 kg satellite is estimated to have reached the surface, impacting south of the Falkland island. For details see ESA's website.

07.05.2013 The Estonian satellite ESTCube-1 was launched aboard a Vega carrier rocket from Kourou. On board the satellite is an electric solar wind sail (e-sail) which was invented by FMI-scientist Pekka Janhunen

15.03.2013 The French-Finnish Lyman-alpha monitor SWAN on the ESA satellite SOHO is monitoring the Comet C2011 L4 PANSTARRS-2013

27.02.2013 The first Mars MSL/Curiosity rover data were released to the public via the geosciences node of th Planetary Data System.

30.08.2012 The Radiation Belt Storm Probes (RBSP)06.08.2012  NASA's most recent Mars rover MSL "Curiosity" landed successfully on Mars and started its surface mission. For details see NASA's MLS Web page.

15.01.2012 19:45 Finnish Time The failed Russian Mars mission Phobos Grunt crashed into the South Pacific off the coast of Chile.

26.11.2011 17:02 Finnish Time After re-scheduling the NASA Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) was launched from Florida on Saturday and should land on the Martian surface on August 6, 2012. FMI contributed the pressure- and humidity sensors of the REMS package. For details see FMI's MSL home page

08.06.2011 17:12 Finnish Time The ESA cometary research satellite ROSETTA entered hibernation. Expected wake-up: 20.01.2014. For details see the Rosetta web-page.

15.02.2011 06:40 Finnish Time The - re-used - Stardust spacecraft successfully passed Deep-Impact target comet Tempel-1. For details see the CIDA web-page